Planitherm Total + Glass

Our Double Glazed Sealed Units are constructed using Planitherm Total + Glass as standard. Upgrading your windows to ones containing Planitherm Glass can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home.

Planitherm Total+ has been optimized for window energy ratings (WER’s) making it the most energy efficient ‘low-e’ glass available today.

Planitherm Total+ glass uses proven advanced coatings to retain warmth in the home whilst capturing heat from natural daylight.
This means your home will be warmer and heating bills lower compared to standard double glazed windows.
Planitherm Total + Glass is manufactured in the UK by Saint Gobain Glass. The sealed units which are fitted into our frames exceed the new Building Regulations for energy efficiency, whichever frame style you choose due to the ‘low-e’ value of the glass and high solar gain.

Planitherm products use a special coating on the glass to reflect heat from radiators back into the room, whilst allowing free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass. This further contributes to the energy efficiency of the windows, thus reducing your energy bills.

The Planitherm Total + double glazed units incorporated as standard into our Rehau UPVC frames offer up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing.